Google has violated GDPR for which it has to pay 50 million euros

Google has violated GDPR for which it has to pay 50 million euros
22 Február 2019

Google has violated GDPR for which it has to pay 50 million euros

One of the largest technology giants fell victim to the uncompromising GDPR.

Google was fined EUR 50 million for non-compliance with GDPR. The French privacy agency CNIL has discovered that Google has not provided enough information to its users about the data processing consent policy. At the same time, Google has not provided users with transparent and easily accessible information about how they handle their data.

Google's response

These violations have not been resolved yet. A company spokesman said that Google is deeply committed to achieving the high standards of transparency and checking people expect of them. The company studied the CNIL decision to determine its next steps.

It could be even worse

Despite the fact that the 50 million fine seems high, it is still low compared to the ceiling of up to 4% of the company's annual turnover. For Google, which earned $ 33.74 billion in the last quarter, this would be billions of dollars.

There were more fines imposed

However, Google is not the only one to pay for non-compliance and violations of GDPR. At the end of 2018, fines were handed out by turns. In Portugal, a fine of EUR 400 000 was imposed on the hospital because its staff used false accounts to gain access to patient records.

In Germany, the social and chat network there was fined EUR 20 000 for storing their users' passwords in plain text.

A local company in Austria was fined EUR 4 800 for having a security camera that shot the public space.


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