The highest fine in GDPR history!?

The highest fine in GDPR history!?

The highest fine in GDPR history!?

GDPR regulations are vicious cycle for many companies. Recently, it was a well-known Google company that was fined up to € 50 million for non-compliance and violations. The fine was imposed by the French Data Protection Authority CNIL.

Gigantic fine for British Airways

Another candidate for the trial and error series is British Airways. It received the abovementioned gigantic fine of £ 183 million, which is more than EUR 200 million.

The appeal for a fine could not be waited long. However, if this fine comes into force, it will clearly be the largest in GDPR's history.

Reason for fine 

The biggest mistake made by British Airways was not so much a violation itself, but the fact that they reported cyber incident on their official site only after about 3 months.

What was the cause of the incident? It was a cyber attack that redirected British Airways visitors to a false page. Thanks to this, the attackers got to the personal data of passengers. The number of misused data has risen to half a million.

Data such as names, surnames, postal and email addresses, login passwords, and credit card data have been leaked. On the other hand, the attackers were unable to obtain flight data and passport data.

Airlines statement 

Through several newspapers in the United Kingdom, they have expressed their apologies and also promised compensation for the persons concerned.

If you are already working in the tourism industry or selling your products, you must always be cautious and pay close attention to GDPR.

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