How to store data securely? The importance of complying with GDPR laws

How to store data securely? The importance of complying with GDPR laws
22 Máj 2020

How to store data securely? The importance of complying with GDPR laws

Fines for breach of the GDPR

It is essential to store data well and to give it a high priority. If data is lost or stolen, the company takes the risk of violating GDPR regulations. The fines for the company may be huge. They can amount to a maximum of EUR 20 million or 4% of the total annual turnover.

Data Protection

Encrypted devices are an easy step to protection. Since 2013, 9,740,567,988 data theft events have been identified. Only in the case of 4%, the data were encrypted and the attackers did not access the data. In 2016, one of the five organizations was attacked when the attack on mobile phones was caused by an unsecured wifi network or malware. It is necessary for individuals or organizations to take steps to secure threats. A good encryption system is the so-called AES encryption, which is 256 bits. It is a symmetric block code and is used worldwide. 256 bit encryption means the length of the encryption key. An attacker would have to try 2256 combination options to disable 256-bit protection of encrypted data.

A backup rule 3 2 1 is a good practice

The regularity of data archiving ensures against intentional or accidental data loss. This includes theft, human error, virus or hardware damage. It is good to have multiple backups, two or more, which can prevent data loss. We know cloud or physical types of backups. It is a good idea to have different types of data stores. We know physical storage such as CD / DVD, USB drives, external drives and it is good to have them separated so that we do not lose data, for example in case of theft or fire in the building. Cloud solutions bring the ability to upload to Internet storage and connect to data from anywhere the Internet is located.

How to prevent cyber attack? Store data offline

If the data is stored in a place where the Internet is accessible, it is immediately vulnerable. Therefore, it is safe to store sensitive data offline and work with it on a device that is not connected to the Internet. If Ransomware is in the laptop, it can encrypt your data.

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