Audit - Security analysis

Every controller processing personal data of data subjects (eg of employees, clients, patients) is obliged to define the purpose of processing personal data, specify the purpose and conditions of processing personal data. Audit - the security analysis will allow the controller to identify where it has weaknesses in data protection and what it should focus on.

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When processing personal data, each controller shall take appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures to protect the personal data of the persons concerned before the first personal data is processed.

We offer you carrying out an independent audit aimed at:

  • current security measures for information systems in which you process personal data,
  • the timeliness and legality of the processing of personal data, taking into account their appropriateness,
  • the application of potential systems in which the processing of personal data is expected,
  • the scope and accuracy of the instructions of authorized persons who come into contact with personal data,
  • assessment of the contracts on the processing of personal data and the agreements of joint controllers under the GDPR,
  • circle of beneficiaries,
  • records of information systems,
  • consent to the processing of personal data,
  • violation of the rights of data subjects,
  • compliance with technical, organizational and personnel measures in accordance with GDPR;
  • publication of personal data,
  • cross-border transfer of personal data,

As part of our audit, we offer you a practical assessment of:

  • security of current information systems,
  • evaluation of operating systems used and their settings,
  • evaluation of other application software necessary for working with personal data,
  • analysis describing their weaknesses
  • reassessment of personal data flow and data distribution from databases to PC and vice versa,
  • PC protection against possible data misuse in all the most commonly used LANs, WAN and Internet,
  • suitability and reliability of encrypted protection means,
  • state-of-the-art ways to protect servers and databases
  • the best ways to back up and access your backups.

At the end, we will also provide our recommendations:

  • how to increase security with encrypted protection
  • how to restrict access rights to unauthorized persons,
  • how and why to upgrade IS to improve the protection of processed data,
  • why to review personal data processing agreements and joint operator agreements,
  • comprehensive procedures to maximize personnel, organizational and technical measures.

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