GDPR Trainings

In addition to auditing, our services include the preparation of safety documentation and the performance of the activities of the Data Protection Officer as well as training of authorized persons of the controller. We prepare tailor-made training for our clients according to their individual needs and according to their nature and size.

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Training of authorized persons

Regular training of authorized persons is one of the basic duties that the Controller must prove fulfillment in accordance with Art. 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation. The training concerns those employees who are also authorized persons of the Controller.

We can prepare GDPR training according to your needs.

Who is the Authorized Person

Authorized person is a natural person who comes into contact with personal data at the Controller in the performance of his / her duties or in similar relationship with the controller (based eg on delegation, appointment, election or in the performance of public office) and who performs personal data processing operations determined by the controller.

Address us and we will develop tailor-made training for you.

Instruction of the Authorized Person. What is the scope of the instruction?

The controller is obliged to instruct the authorized person about the scope of his / her authorizations, permitted activities and conditions of personal data processing. The instruction corresponds to the processing operations carried out by a natural person with personal data in respect of his or her job, mandate or function.

The controller shall draw up a record of the instruction, which it is obliged to prove reliably at the request of the Authority. The Authority shall publish model forms of records of the instructions.

When does a natural person become an authorized person?

A natural person shall become an authorized person on the day on which it was instructed.

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