GDPR and employees

GDPR and employees

GDPR and employees

The GDPR also applies to employers. Each employer acts as a collector of the personal data of its employees. GDPR brings a number of new measures to protect this data so that it does not interfere with the fundamental rights of employees. How can you monitor your employees?

GDPR and employees

Employers should include information on the processing of employees' personal data in employment contracts. This means informing to what extent and for what purpose personal data will be processed, who and how it will work with them and to whom the data can be accessed and how long the data will be stored. Furthermore, the employee must be informed of his or her rights, i.e. the right of access to personal data, the right to correct personal data and the right to an explanation of the processing of personal data. The protection of personal data must also be observed in the context of attendance or publication of advertisements.

Work from home

When working from a home office, there is a risk that the employee will misuse company data. During home office work, most of the security measures are borne by the employee. For their protection, employers in some cases install software that allows them to monitor keystrokes and mouse movements, accidentally or at specified intervals to save screen footprints, log applications, and sometimes even monitor through the employee's webcam to collect records.

Monitoring of company cars

It is currently possible to monitor the movement of a company car during working hours. But what if the employee is authorized to use the car for personal use? Up to one fifth of company cars have nothing to do with executive work. Hence, more and more employers are opting for equipment to monitor the movement of these vehicles. Surveillance systems have unlimited monitoring possibilities. In particular, they monitor the movement of the vehicle, its current position, driving distance, route, fuel consumption and speed. From the employer's point of view, this is a solution that can bring security and savings to the company. At the same time, however, it is about processing personal data of employees, which will have to be supervised with the onset of GDPR.

Clear rules need to be established

Any monitoring of employees should be stated in the company's internal regulations. As for company cars and their private use is allowed, this should not be employee monitoring. Employees must clearly inform their employees about the installation of surveillance equipment, whether inside or outside the company.

Employees must be informed

When processing personal data in a company, its employees must be informed that their data are processed:

  • only for the agreed purpose,
  • data should be accurate and up to date
  • data has a limited storage i.e. have appropriate technical and organizational measures,
  • they must be transparent.

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