When and how to prepare for GDPR

When and how to prepare for GDPR

When and how to prepare for GDPR

May 25, 2018 will be a real turning point for many business people who work with personal data. The new European Union regulation on the protection of personal data, which enters into force on that date, brings important changes. However, if you've followed the legal path so far, adapting to the new policy will certainly not be a problem. Perhaps adapting to individual GDPR rules will help you make a few tips.

Check your existing database

The first step is to analyze all the processes that your business has been doing up to now. As part of your analysis, you should review any information systems that have been used to collect or process the personal data of those concerned. In this way, you will find out whether GDPR compatibility is adequate, or vice versa, whether certain processes require change.

Notify your employees

All employees in the company should know everything about GDPR. Especially people who come into contact with the people themselves. They should be adequately informed about GDPR legislation. Even in this way, you can avoid unnecessary discrepancies or possible mistakes that can cost the business expensive. Ignorance of law excuses no one.

Appoint a Data Protection Officer

Consent to data processing is a condition

The persons concerned would probably be surprised, but consent to the processing of personal data has not yet been so necessary, or may not have been so clearly set aside. However, GDPR has changed this aspect. Since the introduction of the GDPR, it will be the responsibility of the entrepreneur to state why it is processing the data, for what purpose, and how to store or share it. The data subject simply has to give his or her consent.

Perform administrative Steps

For businesses that have not been paying much attention to documentation so far, much will change. You will need to properly document the above conditions. But it is also beneficial for the company. Properly categorized data with the purpose of obtaining it can save you a lot of further manipulation while working with it.

Beware of data leaks

Data leakage is indeed a frequent element in the cyber world. Until now, data leaks might have been damaging to your reputation. However, the new GDPR can also harm you with high fines. You can prevent data leakage by providing secure databases. Ideally, the data is encrypted. In this case, you will avoid high fines. However, any data leakage must be reported to the competent authorities - the Office for Personal Data Protection - within 72 hours of the fact.

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