Marketing implications of GDPR

Marketing implications of GDPR
11 December 2018

Marketing implications of GDPR

GDPR and events, interviews ...

The GDPR also covers various areas of marketing. For example, in content marketing, you need to be aware of situations where real people enter content. These are interviews, photos and videos from events.

In all these cases, it is necessary to have the consent of the persons concerned to process their data. Marketing works with consumer data that can tell almost everything. Who they are, what they like, how they behave, when and how they change their preferences. So it is important that marketers and people working in advertising have a few basic things in mind.

Collecting customer data becomes complicated

With GDPR, there is also an end to the possibility of providing some content over contact details. A typical example is the offer of e-book for providing e-mail.

Whatever you offer for an e-mail contact, the user must be able to obtain the same stuff in another way without giving you permission. For example, you can charge some content and offer it free of charge only in exchange for consent to receive newsletters.

For watching a video, you can then work to offer more content to your email. The situation is similar when sending test results, quizzes, price calculations or analyzes to an e-mail, to which the company will subsequently send newsletters. This can be resolved by two independent consents - one for processing personal data, the other (optional) for sending newsletters. Even if the user does not give a second consent, the result must be obtained.

GDPR in practice: client vs. agency

In the client-agency relationship, it is necessary to agree on a so-called processing contract and to clarify in what role the involved entities play in the processing of personal data. At best, the client should be a data processor who determines the purpose and method of processing personal data and releases the funds. The agency should have the role of a processor processing personal data under the responsibility of the data controller. However, it sometimes happens that the agency determines what will happen to the client's personal data. In this case, however, the agency becomes a data controller and thus finds itself in a more complicated legal situation and its responsibility increases. It is always better if the client collects and manages personal data. Under the processing contract, it is necessary to specify what personal data will be collected, how and for what purpose, how long it will be stored and what will happen after the cooperation has ended.

Marketing vs. GDPR

There has been a change in the understanding of marketing as well as in the way data is used. Only the demographic data and the potential customer's response rate were considered marketing data. The development of the Internet has brought a change in how marketing data is used. Technology connectivity allows marketers to continually improve the performance of their campaigns. With the entry into force of GDPR, there is a possibility that access to this amount of customer data will be restricted. This means that marketing and sales activities could be slowed down due to the restriction of individual targeting.

Everything must be protected

In any case, not only in the marketing one, it is necessary to protect the personal data obtained, whether by encryption or in the case of physical documents in a locked cabinet. If someone requests the deletion of their data, they must be deleted from all locations. If the inspection comes, it is necessary to have all the approvals, the processing contract, the processing records, the documentation of the team's training in the handling of personal data as well as internal processes for processing the personal data.


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