How GDPR affects your life

How GDPR affects your life
15 Apríl 2019

How GDPR affects your life

Who does it help?

As users become increasingly familiar with the protection of their data, they often flood companies with questions about their personal information.

GDPR makes user data more transparent. Companies are obliged by this regulation to disclose: what data they collect about clients and how they continue to use them. For example, we may encounter this when a website requests permission to collect our information or emails about an updated privacy policy.

Since being familiar with the tangle of regulations is many times too complicated, cyber security experts have become in high demand. Data Protection Officers and Information Security Managers are highly needed for companies seeking to maintain compliance with GDPR.

Who is it harmful for?

Complaints have not been avoided by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even Google. These and other personal data collection companies are constantly under close scrutiny. Users claim in their complaints that their companies continue to force their consent to data processing. Users cannot use their app or service unless they provide it.

The law requires users to be free to agree or disagree. However, companies do not have to comply with this as long as there is a question about the functionality of a service for which their consent is not required. On the other hand, compulsion to collect data is a problem in this case.

GDPR also affects foreign media. For example, the Chicago Tribune has blocked access to European sites for European readers. The company, which owns several newspapers, as well as the Chicago Tribune, has decided to prevent Europeans from approaching to avoid non-compliance with GDPR. Indeed, several companies fear sanctions for non-compliance, which may amount to up to 4% of the company's total revenue.

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